“The light of happiness, let life experience beautiful” charity is the expression of love, is the embodiment of warmth, giving roses, hands have lingering fragrance. Loving public welfare, charity and action is the baptism of the soul, but also respect for life. To this end, COOLIGHT spontaneously organized and specially set up a Love association.

COOLIGHT gathers resources and strength, and focuses on improving and caring for the lives of poor people in line with the principle and concept of warming hearts and caring for life, and carries out various forms of charity public welfare activities such as helping the elderly, helping seedlings, helping the disabled, helping the poor, helping students and so on.

On November 12, COOLIGHT Charity Association made its first donation of “Caring for the elderly and helping farmers”. All of our donations are purchased in rural areas of ZhanJiang, dedicated to poverty alleviation and helping to increase the sales of products to farmers there.

coolight love

Love Association to “let the company full of love and warmth, dedication to the society sincere and true feelings” for the purpose, love the cause of love, sincere and sincere will send every warmth to your side.

COOLIGHT Love Association was established to let us pass the love together, starting from our own, bit by bit, through the heart, passing by the world, spread the good wishes and wishes, let the world more beautiful and beautiful because of us.

coolight love 1

Respect, respect, love and help the elderly are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Kindness, build love. In order to carry forward the civilized fashion of respecting the elderly and caring for the elderly.On November 12, COOLIGHT Love Association President Wang led COOLIGHT Love Association Standing Committee representative Liu Engineer, salesman Yu Xin, cameraman Zhou Zhou, on behalf of COOLIGHT Photoelectric Love Association to Longhua Wanqing Nursing Home for love donation and care.

On the same day, he donated various living supplies to Longhua Wanqing Nursing Home: rice, flour and oil.

COOLIGHT’s charitable donation of love fully demonstrates COOLIGHT’s great love of transferring positive energy with practical actions, practicing social responsibility and corporate responsibility, and making the elderly in the nursing home deeply feel the springlike warmth from COOLIGHT.

coolight love 2

COOLIGHT Caring Association’s arrival adds a lively and warm atmosphere to the quiet nursing home. Visit site, due to special period can not communicate with the elderly directly. COOLIGHT representatives had a cordial conversation with leaders of the nursing home.

Observe the old people’s living environment, carefully ask the old people’s life situation, should pay attention to keep warm when the season changes, pay attention to safety when action, safe and healthy every day, pass COOLIGHT “the light of happiness, let life experience beautiful” vision.

coolight love 3

coolight love 4

COOLIGHT’s charitable donation deeply reflects Coolight’s social responsibility and responsibility, vividly reflects Coolight’s noble sentiment of not forgetting to repay the society and caring for the vulnerable groups in society, and vigorously carries forward and inherits the traditional Chinese virtue of respecting and caring for the elderly.

A pay, transfer a touched; A love, pass a warm. Every help brings together a great power, and every material is full of love.

coolight love 5

In the future, COOLIGHT will fully support all kinds of charitable public welfare activities to gather the power of “light of happiness” with every drop of love. At the same time, I hope that more people will be influenced by the “light of happiness” and actively participate in the charity.

coolight 6

For the enterprise, anything can be wrong, anything can fail, but the development path of the enterprise must be correct, must be successful. Once the development path goes wrong, it will be the most complete failure of the enterprise!

A large country, a small region, or an enterprise all face the problem of establishing the right development path. As a modern company, if there is no clear development path, it is impossible to achieve long-term development under the impact of today’s fierce market competition and internationalization wave.



COOLIGHT Chairman and CEO, Dong Long, confidently and enthusiastically sang “Super Star”. “You are electric, you are light, you are the only myth”, everyone is equal, regardless of ability, everyone can be a superstar.

COOLIGHT has been adhering to the passion of “leading, innovating, growing, confident, sharing and freedom” on the road. In the context of the cruel epidemic, COOLIGHT has been innovating continuously, creating many activities to enhance employees’ confidence and enthusiasm for the company and products, firmly practicing new ways of work, firmly believing in “the world is made by me”, and delivering the vision of “the light of happiness, let life experience beautiful”.

The development path is the medium and long-term development goals and strategic planning formulated and implemented by the company on the basis of comprehensive analysis and scientific prediction of the current situation and future trend. It is of great significance for the company to formulate and implement the company’s development strategy and firmly practice the company’s development path.

coolight 2

The handsome guy in the production department of 《The World I Created》

October 28, 2022, is a big day for COOLIGHT.

COOLIGHT Chairman Dong Long today has a new title “Life Big Player”. With this new title, COOLIGHT will be firmly committed to the “culture of play” in the future.

If life is always a pattern, a look, a look at the head boring alive, that with “salt fish” what is the difference? Long Dong believes that “the meaning of life is to live yourself”. What does it mean to be yourself?

coolight 3

“He was doing what he really loved.”

“The results of his work are what people are willing to pay for.”

Such a life, he will not feel the work is boring and boring. Because he’s doing what he loves every day, and he gets something in return. This kind of life is what we want. It should be “the meaning of life – to live yourself”.

In the next 3-5 years, the development path of COOLIGHT is to constantly inspire the confidence and enthusiasm of the company’s employees, and use the power of the company and our interesting activities and competitions to help him grow up and tap his potential.

When confronted with challenges, employees can maintain a fearless attitude and use a new way of working – transformation. So that we can fill ourselves with positive energy and constantly transform to create the results that we want.

coolight 4

This paragraph of Long Dong, more firmly COOLIGHT’s “play culture”. Let the company employees in the process of playing, constantly ingest the energy. Put that energy into the work you love and keep creating good results.

This is where COOLIGHT really wants to go:

1.Helping employees do what they love to do

2.Help your employees develop hobbies that they love

3.Help company employees to achieve the desired results by using transformation in the face of challenges.

coolight 5

Firmly on these three points, I believe COOLIGHT will be a real, like a light, irradiating the whole world. Convey the vision of “the light of happiness makes life experience better”.

r&d 10

Once upon a time, “Made in China” was well known around the world and made Chinese people proud. However, it is not difficult to find that behind the “Made in China” is the serious homogeneity of products, the frequent “copycat version”, the lack of core technology, and the lack of pricing power.

Therefore, it is the soul of “Made in China” to dominate the world forever that has the pricing power and the right to speak the market. In other words, innovation and R&D are the inexhaustible driving force for the long-term and sustainable development of enterprises.

The core competitiveness of modern enterprises and the independent innovation ability of enterprises, the development of science and technology makes the updating cycle of products shorter and shorter. To have the power of sustainable development, enterprises must constantly carry out the research and development of new products and the innovation activities of technology and management.

r&d 7

COOLIGHT Innovation Research and development department has been in the forefront of the LED industry, the tireless pursuit of innovation and research and development, trying to make COOLIGHT continue to have the core competitiveness of the industry, the continuous launch of new products, open a broader customer market, let COOLIGHT light strip to realize the dream of globalization is constantly advancing.

If the business department is the pioneer to rush to the market, then the innovation and research and development department is the endless bullets on the gun, which brings the strong support to the business department.

r&d 8

In today’s highly competitive world, with the trend of globalization leading to the continuous expansion of competition, our enterprises are in an era that needs to constantly meet the needs of customers. Because the customer needs are more and more detailed.

Innovation Research and Development Department is also to achieve this, constantly integrate self-innovation ability and customer needs, improve customer satisfaction and market demand. COOLIGHT can now remain in the forefront of the industry, the innovation and development department has contributed a lot!

r&d 3

COOLIGHT has always been upholding the enthusiasm of “leading, innovating, growing, confident, sharing and freedom” on the road. In the context of the cruel epidemic, Coolight has continuously innovated and set up many associations to enhance employees’ self-confidence and enthusiasm.

On August 8th, in order to further demonstrate the enthusiasm of COOLIGHT staff, the COOLIGHT Cheerleaders were officially established, and they rehearse a youthful and energetic dance called “Go AMIGO”!

r&d 4


Not to be outdone, our senior management team used collective wisdom to prepare three programs together.

First of all, the manager of the manufacturing department and the manager of the quality testing Department deduce the original crosstalk.

Followed by five beautiful, intelligent female executives singing “Courage.”

And finally, the R&D manager and the creative director sing “Good Day.”

Love Through the Ages is about:

Modern Xiao Shuai because his mother urged marriage, met a colleague Xiao Luo, heard that he found a girlfriend in the marriage agency. So also went to the marriage agency, who met a cheater, money was cheated out. When he was sad, he met the Genie of the lamp and became a poor pancake seller back in ancient times.

After trying to save money, she asked a matchmaker to introduce her to her. But she went to the market to meet a dishonest merchant without an agreement on the price. She was originally a servant girl from the palace. Small handsome was scared to wake up, the original is a dream, was mother continue to urge marriage.

r&d 1

The Innovation Research and Development Department is not only good at technology, but also unique in its ideas. The original sketch made the audience laugh and praise the talent. The interpretation of cross-dressing between men and women reflects the confidence of the department, and also conveys COOLIGHT’s vision of “The light of happiness makes life experience beautiful”.

This costume day is different from the previous one, requiring the theme to be pajamas. The reason we didn’t have a theme was to allow people to be creative and bold and show their individuality. Costume Day has been held four times since May to see different sides of everyone. In order to reflect the creativity of COOLIGHT and the concerted effort of the team, different themes or elements will be set for each department’s red carpet shows in the following clothing days.

r&d 6

Have you ever seen anyone wear pajamas to work? COOLIGHT is so confident and enthusiastic! Everyone took off the shackles of work clothes and put on their own comfortable home clothes. Everyone’s face was full of smiles and felt a different working experience, just like working at home.

We asked a dozen random colleagues to find out what they had to say about Pajama Day at work.


basktball 10

COOLIGHT-Basketball Association ‖ Coulet and Ruifeng basketball friendly match.

With the continuous development of social economy and the gradual improvement of the modern company system, the company management tends to be more humanized and scientific, pay attention to the development of employees’ production potential and production value, improve employees’ sense of identity and work enthusiasm and initiative of corporate culture, so COOLIGHT founded the basketball association.

In the process of the development of the company, employees participate in basketball activities can better promote the construction of enterprise culture, rich amateur cultural life of the employees, the enhancement enterprise’s cohesive force, let employees can more actively involved in the process of the construction and development of the enterprise, for enterprise’s development and construction to provide a steady stream of power.

basktball    In addition, basketball is a good sport to promote friendship. Basketball is used to promote communication and games to pass on friendship.To further strengthen the relationship between COOLIGHT and its partners, on the afternoon of October 28, RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT Photoelectric organized a friendly basketball match at the Growth Basketball Gymnasium.

Our athletes showed confidence, strength, hard work and persistence on the field, which provided us with a visual feast and made us spend an unparalleled night.

basktball 1

In the match, the players of both companies showed their skills, carried forward the sports style of “friendship first, competition second” and the team spirit of fighting hard. They were competitors on the field, but encouraged each other off the field, and actively showed a high-level match.

The process of the game was exciting and intense, with a tacit understanding of passing, a wonderful shot, steal card, strict defense, gorgeous turn or fast break layup sometimes staged, winning warm applause and cheers from the audience.

basktball 3

COOLIGHT attaches special importance to this friendly competition with RUIFENG photoelectric, for this special preparation of wonderful cheerleading performance and song and dance. Wonderful competition accompanied by wonderful singing and dancing, the scene atmosphere is very warm.

The COOLIGHT Cheerleading Association brought the dance “Go AMIGO” with confidence and energy that lit up the field. The graceful dancing of the dance association “Beautiful China” and “Love You” made people linger and applause thunderously.

basktball 4

COOLIGHT Photoelectric and RUIFENG photoelectric are strategic partners, friends and Allies. With our respective visions and passions, we grow together, lead the continuous development of the industry together, and contribute our own strength to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The song “Friend” brought by colleagues in the purchasing department shows the emotion of RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric, strategic cooperation, leading the industry; The SONG “LONE BRAVE” BROUGHT BY THE HANDSOME boy OF the singing association encouraged everyone standing at the scene to constantly break through themselves and show themselves.

basktball 5

Singing association beauty brought the song “The most beautiful expectations”, let this beautiful music bring us strength and blessing, wish we are each other the most beautiful expectations, also wish RUIFENG photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric become each other the most beautiful expectations. Superb singing skills, let us see the charm of the song, looking forward to each other to achieve a strong joint, create a win-win situation.

With the score gradually increased, everyone’s mood ups and downs, the final COOLIGHT basketball team to narrowly lost the score to RUIFENG basketball team. But winning or losing is not the key, the important thing is that both sides strengthened each other’s links in the game, through the game to show themselves, for the game to shed their own sweat

I also wish RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric all the way together, to go to the future we want. Create a better future together. RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric as the high-end lamp bead industry and high-end lamp strip industry leaders, looking forward to more cooperation with us, to achieve a strong alliance, to create a win-win situation.

basktball 6

The high efficiency and fast pace of modern society limit people’s mutual communication and understanding, but the basketball court provides people with opportunities. Basketball can effectively relieve work pressure, and a good competitive environment can cultivate healthy psychological adaptability and endurance, adjust and maintain the mental health level of participants. At the same time, basketball, as an outstanding representative of collective sports, can effectively cultivate good sports ethics such as collectivism spirit of solidarity and cooperation while increasing exchanges and friendship, and help participants correctly understand and handle the relationship between individual and collective, competition and cooperation.

Basketball is not only a sport, it is a kind of self-transcendence, but also a kind of spiritual baptism, are you ready? Be who you want to be, just to convey COOLIGHT’s passion and confidence.







Last week, COOLIGHT held its second annual Gold Absorption Fitness Award ceremony, which was held for a different purpose than the first annual Gold Absorption Fitness.

The second “Constitution of Attracting Money” PK competition focuses on improving business confidence and enthusiasm in products through simulation and how to skillfully apply the transformation of new ways of work so as to get new action strategies to achieve the desired results and place orders successfully.

The second “Gold Absorption Constitution” PK competition is divided into three parts:

Product confidence:

Each person will demonstrate and light up a product on site, and share this product with the opposite “customer”.

Enthusiasm for Products:

Each group will display a product of the company combined with their own hobbies or favorite items, explain the creation source, creation process and feelings of the products, and finish the creation and product display.



Inspiration for creation:

Everyone belongs to the stage. With the microphone holder and our lamp belt, this product can better let us shine on the stage and let our energy and enthusiasm be seen by everyone.

Through the singing enthusiasm and confidence to customers, tell customers that we are confident and enthusiasm itself, drive customers’ feelings, attract customers, rather than we sell out!

“The Little White Cloud of love”

Inspiration for creation:

From the observation of life, the morning sun through the clouds, scattered a wisp of sunlight, let people feel the power and firmness of light. Sunshine brings us warmth and happiness.

With this as the core of creation, white clouds made of cotton, combined with high light effect 4 generations of light bar, the creation of “happy little white clouds” night light, hoping to convey to everyone COOLIGHT “light of happiness, let life experience beautiful” great vision.

Adom – Works《CRAZY MIC》:Adom、Linna、Stephen、Joe

Ariel- Works《happy little white cloud》:Ariel、Elaine、Olivia、Melody


“Starry Dreams”

Inspiration for creation:

From passing the front desk, saw the front of the astronaut flying to the moon scene, a sudden inspiration. Isn’t this astronaut the symbol of our COOLIGHT? Fearless about the future, curious about new things, enthusiastic about everything, we gradually discovered a unique path.

With this in mind, we wondered if we could also use the astronaut to match our happiness light belt, and also create a great piece of work to show the quality of us COOLIGHT people.


“The Number Plate of Love”

Inspiration for creation:

Many people are living in the dormitory, but the dormitory door is empty, feel very monotonous, can not show the enthusiasm of COOLIGHT, thinking of here, we want to create a product that can bring people warmth, can be applied in life.

Everyone wishes that no matter how late they come home, there is always a light on for them. However, in this rapidly changing age, such eternity is almost impossible to achieve. Our idea is to solve this pain point, you will never take the wrong way home, the light of happiness, always light up for you to go home!

Kenny- Works《starry sky dream》:Kenny、Allen、Becky、Elsa

Lemon- Works《Ai de hao ma pai》:Lemon、Yvonne、Winnie、Zoya


Transforming proficiency to create results:

Each member of each team shares the transformation process of a customer. The requirement is to place the target order in September. The customer does not have any expected order, but the customer successfully placed the order after the transformation.


Transformation is very useful for our daily work and life:

Some people can’t accept failure, but you can fail and you can succeed. Everything is OK. But if you don’t notice and pay attention to the negative emotions generated by your failure, it will stay with you and something unexpected may happen.

That’s when you need a new approach. Replace the original fixed life and work mode with new methods, transform with heart, feel, dig out your potential energy, not be controlled by subconscious emotions, inner will become super powerful and confident.

Next, let’s have a look at the final results of the competition. This competition divided the business department into four groups. Through the above three links, we also selected the top two teams and the top three individuals.


Top two in the group:

First place: Lemon, Yvonne, Winnie, Zoya

Total score of “Gold-absorbing Physique” team: 274,862 points

Successful order sales after conversion: 170.11W


Second place: Ariel, Elaine, Olivia, Melody

Total score of “gold-absorbing Physique” team: 82,350 points

After conversion, the successful order sales volume: 48.9W

first place


2nd place


Individual Top three:

First place: Lemon Total score: 25,229

After conversion, the successful order sales volume: 157.02W


2nd place: Elaine Total score: 73,432

After conversion, the sales volume of successful order: 45.41W


Third place: Joe Total score: 38,485

After conversion, the successful order sales volume: 23.56W





Congratulations to the above winning team and sales elite, it is your confidence and enthusiasm to create such a result! I hope you can stay true to your original aspiration, forge ahead, and firmly practice COOLIGHT’s vision of “the light of happiness makes life experience better”.

There is no need to lose heart, the competition is not the end, is the beginning! But all the members of our business department will always keep the enthusiasm, always positive and enterprising, passionate heart is never extinguished!

























In the Art of War, Sun Tzu begins with the importance of the army to a country. For an enterprise, a company, the business team is equivalent to the national army. Its importance is self-evident!
The responsibilities of the COOLIGHT Business Unit include:
1.Define the company’s sales goals and strive to achieve them.
2.Maintain good relations with old customers and strive to expand territory and develop new customers.
3.Conducted market research and market demand forecast according to customers’ sales situation and put forward suggestions on new product development.
4.Convey the company’s passion, vision and values, and become a bridge between the company and customers.


They are the vanguard of the market, the hero of COOLIGHT’s market development, the key to the development of the company, the link between the company and customers, and the image of the company.
The business department plays an important role in the company. They spread to customers all over the world, the vision of “The light of happiness makes life better” and the confidence and enthusiasm energy that helps customers grow together with the company.

Business Department warm introduction:
Pride: Unyielding ambition
Confidence: Great confidence in the future
Self-discipline: Self-discipline in work and life
Self-improvement: Full of energy and constant self-improvement
Freedom: Love freedom and be true to yourself

The business department is composed of a mixture of old and new businesses, some of which are new businesses. After finishing the basic study in university, they have to work in industries and jobs they have never been exposed to. Under the guidance of experienced and experienced seniors, they gradually adapt to the situation and bravely overcome difficulties one by one.

COOLIGHT employees are younger on average and have many creative ideas. In this activity day of their department, they brought their own funny sketch composed of various elements, “A Good Play”.

A GOOD Play” created by the business department contains three classic works, many classic characters in the film and television are also their interpretation of life.

Kung Fu:
Linna plays the tailor  /  Zoya stars as Chan Pao  /  Yvonne plays the coolie  /  Joe,Allen as the blind man  /  Becky plays the charterwoman  /  Elsa as Bucktooth Jean
Elaine as Feng Xiaogang  /  Kenny as the Cloud of Fire  /  Ariel plays the axe gang boss

A Odyssey to the West:

Winne plays Goku
Lemon as the monk Tang
Olivia as Zixia FairyTong Pak Fu: Chou-Heung
Melody as Pomegranate

After “A Good Play”, the business Department presented their funny dance “Social Shake” to everyone, showing enthusiasm and confidence.
The business unit at COOLIGHT breaks down our stereotypical business. Have you ever seen a business unit that is so dynamic?

It is because in COOLIGHT, the business department implements the “leadership, innovation, growth, confidence, sharing, freedom” enthusiasm; It is the belief that “the light of happiness makes life experience beautiful” vision; Believe in the future development of the company, break the inherent traditional work mode, use the new way of work: Transformation, meditation, co-creation, collective wisdom and other ways to get a new action strategy to achieve the desired results, adhere to this path, enhance the inner confidence and enthusiasm, with a new face to the customer, the resonance of their own energy to the customer, this is the way COOLIGHT to go.


The light of love,Let you enjoy beautiful life.