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COOLIGHT-2022 staff birthday review.

Time flies, time is silent. Years witness growth, and time is engraved with happiness.The birth of life gives a special meaning to “birthday”.No matter how old, long live happiness A person’s birthday is a happy occasion Two people’s birthdays are warm and sweet Birthdays of a group of people must mean something In a twinkling […]

COOLIGHT-New Media – Departmental Activity Day

COOLIGHT never stops on the road of market exploration. While other LED companies are still in a wait-and-see state of product video introduction, we have quietly started to make product videos. In January 2022, the New Media Division was officially established in COOLIGHT. Many people are curious about what the “New Media Division” is and what […]


No matter how busy we are, no matter how much trouble we have, food can always hit the softest part of our heart. Everyone who works hard for life deserves the best reward. In addition to the fast-paced work, COOLIGHT provides employees with a happy time to relax, relieve fatigue, and let everyone feel the […]

COOLIGHT-mary Long and staff November birthday party

Time flies, the years are silent. Years witness growth, time engraved happiness The birth of life gives “birthday” a special meaning 2022/11/17 No matter how old, long live happiness A man’s birthday is for himself Two people’s birthday is warm and sweet A bunch of birthdays that must mean something. All the COOLIGHT people recorded a […]

COOLIGHT-The development path in the next 5-10 years

For the enterprise, anything can be wrong, anything can fail, but the development path of the enterprise must be correct, must be successful. Once the development path goes wrong, it will be the most complete failure of the enterprise! A large country, a small region, or an enterprise all face the problem of establishing the […]

COOLIGHT-Basketball Association ‖ Coulet and Ruifeng basketball friendly match.

COOLIGHT-Basketball Association ‖ Coulet and Ruifeng basketball friendly match. With the continuous development of social economy and the gradual improvement of the modern company system, the company management tends to be more humanized and scientific, pay attention to the development of employees’ production potential and production value, improve employees’ sense of identity and work enthusiasm […]

COOLIGHT-The 2nd Gold-absorbing Physique PK Competition of the Business Department

Last week, COOLIGHT held its second annual Gold Absorption Fitness Award ceremony, which was held for a different purpose than the first annual Gold Absorption Fitness. The second “Constitution of Attracting Money” PK competition focuses on improving business confidence and enthusiasm in products through simulation and how to skillfully apply the transformation of new ways […]