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Homogeneous spotless dot free light performance LED strips only have COB/FOB flexible LED strip? NO! NO! NO! Xribbon X1 diffuse LED strips are coming in.

I talked with some friends about the homogeneous, spotless, dot free, pixel free LED linear lighting strip, some of them think that only the COB/FOB flexible LED strip can give bright homogenous light. That is not true. Let us see the following pictures, the LED strip product output homogeneous light, do you think what type […]

What is Coolight Xribbon X1 diffused LED flex strip lights?

The Xribbon X1 diffuse LED flex strip is a solid design IP67 waterproof flexible LED strip, it give out homogeneous light and the color consistency is less than 3 step MacAdam with CRI/Ra>90 applying the latest silicone co-extrusion technology. Xribbon X1 diffuse LED flex strip lights 1. Super slim, only 3.5mm thick 2. Solid design […]

Fighting together

COOLIGHT has sent over 50,000pcs masks to customers all over the world for free. It is our pride to help those in need to fight against and survive from global epidemic.