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COB 320LED/M 24V LED STRIP Nearly 25% off the price of conventional 280LED/M COB products. COB soft lamp belt adopts COB flip process packaging chip flip chip, solid tin paste is linear solid on the PCB board, the light emitted by the chip in the packaged colloid through refraction, reflection, and interaction with phosphor, colloid […]

Homogeneous spotless dot free light performance LED strips only have COB/FOB flexible LED strip? NO! NO! NO! Xribbon X1 diffuse LED strips are coming in.

I talked with some friends about the homogeneous, spotless, dot free, pixel free LED linear lighting strip, some of them think that only the COB/FOB flexible LED strip can give bright homogenous light. That is not true. Let us see the following pictures, the LED strip product output homogeneous light, do you think what type […]