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4x8mm CCT Tunable strip Side View Neon Light

CCT Tunable strip As the name suggests,two color temperatures are used (warm light 2700K/white light 5000K) combined artwork Softer light perception than monochromatic light strips Uniform light without spot CCT Tunable strip, 2 Cable Tech Simple and easy to use 140 lights/M, 5CM can be cut The whole light strip is made of high-quality silicone […]


CSP process is the latest and strongest masterpiece on behalf of LED, indicating that the future CSP lamp belt will be the mainstream of the market, but also will enter thousands of households. So CSP process lamp belt in the end in what aspects can the market shine? CSP LED light beads Using advanced gold-free […]

King of cost performance – 384LED/M 480LED/M COB LED STRIP

The light-emitting angle of the glossy surface is large, up to 180° Delicate, soft, even and light no spots, no shadows Color rendering index≥90Ra Restore color without hurting eyes Four color temperatures to adapt to a variety of scenes Cutting unit 41.67MM/50MM lap welding Welding is stronger higher efficiency Waterproof grade IP20 More suitable for […]

2835 CCT Tunable Led strip

You know the warm light and the cold light appear at the same time What will happen? 2835 mixed light dual color temperature, let me tell you the answer~ Two-color temperature as the name suggests It is composed of a color temperature LED lamp bead, Generally 2700K color temperature, The other set is 6500K color […]


Do you like the sun? The sun is the biggest luminophor, Is the most important factor in human life, It was full of hope and enthusiastic , Because of its existence, human beings know warmth, But the sun doesn’t always exist in our lives, DIM TO WARM The effect of brightening the color temperature is […]


COB 320LED/M 24V LED STRIP Nearly 25% off the price of conventional 280LED/M COB products. COB soft lamp belt adopts COB flip process packaging chip flip chip, solid tin paste is linear solid on the PCB board, the light emitted by the chip in the packaged colloid through refraction, reflection, and interaction with phosphor, colloid […]