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For the enterprise, anything can be wrong, anything can fail, but the development path of the enterprise must be correct, must be successful. Once the development path goes wrong, it will be the most complete failure of the enterprise!

A large country, a small region, or an enterprise all face the problem of establishing the right development path. As a modern company, if there is no clear development path, it is impossible to achieve long-term development under the impact of today’s fierce market competition and internationalization wave.



COOLIGHT Chairman and CEO, Dong Long, confidently and enthusiastically sang “Super Star”. “You are electric, you are light, you are the only myth”, everyone is equal, regardless of ability, everyone can be a superstar.

COOLIGHT has been adhering to the passion of “leading, innovating, growing, confident, sharing and freedom” on the road. In the context of the cruel epidemic, COOLIGHT has been innovating continuously, creating many activities to enhance employees’ confidence and enthusiasm for the company and products, firmly practicing new ways of work, firmly believing in “the world is made by me”, and delivering the vision of “the light of happiness, let life experience beautiful”.

The development path is the medium and long-term development goals and strategic planning formulated and implemented by the company on the basis of comprehensive analysis and scientific prediction of the current situation and future trend. It is of great significance for the company to formulate and implement the company’s development strategy and firmly practice the company’s development path.

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The handsome guy in the production department of 《The World I Created》

October 28, 2022, is a big day for COOLIGHT.

COOLIGHT Chairman Dong Long today has a new title “Life Big Player”. With this new title, COOLIGHT will be firmly committed to the “culture of play” in the future.

If life is always a pattern, a look, a look at the head boring alive, that with “salt fish” what is the difference? Long Dong believes that “the meaning of life is to live yourself”. What does it mean to be yourself?

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“He was doing what he really loved.”

“The results of his work are what people are willing to pay for.”

Such a life, he will not feel the work is boring and boring. Because he’s doing what he loves every day, and he gets something in return. This kind of life is what we want. It should be “the meaning of life – to live yourself”.

In the next 3-5 years, the development path of COOLIGHT is to constantly inspire the confidence and enthusiasm of the company’s employees, and use the power of the company and our interesting activities and competitions to help him grow up and tap his potential.

When confronted with challenges, employees can maintain a fearless attitude and use a new way of working – transformation. So that we can fill ourselves with positive energy and constantly transform to create the results that we want.

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This paragraph of Long Dong, more firmly COOLIGHT’s “play culture”. Let the company employees in the process of playing, constantly ingest the energy. Put that energy into the work you love and keep creating good results.

This is where COOLIGHT really wants to go:

1.Helping employees do what they love to do

2.Help your employees develop hobbies that they love

3.Help company employees to achieve the desired results by using transformation in the face of challenges.

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Firmly on these three points, I believe COOLIGHT will be a real, like a light, irradiating the whole world. Convey the vision of “the light of happiness makes life experience better”.