“The light of happiness, let life experience beautiful” charity is the expression of love, is the embodiment of warmth, giving roses, hands have lingering fragrance. Loving public welfare, charity and action is the baptism of the soul, but also respect for life. To this end, COOLIGHT spontaneously organized and specially set up a Love association.

COOLIGHT gathers resources and strength, and focuses on improving and caring for the lives of poor people in line with the principle and concept of warming hearts and caring for life, and carries out various forms of charity public welfare activities such as helping the elderly, helping seedlings, helping the disabled, helping the poor, helping students and so on.

On November 12, COOLIGHT Charity Association made its first donation of “Caring for the elderly and helping farmers”. All of our donations are purchased in rural areas of ZhanJiang, dedicated to poverty alleviation and helping to increase the sales of products to farmers there.

coolight love

Love Association to “let the company full of love and warmth, dedication to the society sincere and true feelings” for the purpose, love the cause of love, sincere and sincere will send every warmth to your side.

COOLIGHT Love Association was established to let us pass the love together, starting from our own, bit by bit, through the heart, passing by the world, spread the good wishes and wishes, let the world more beautiful and beautiful because of us.

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Respect, respect, love and help the elderly are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Kindness, build love. In order to carry forward the civilized fashion of respecting the elderly and caring for the elderly.On November 12, COOLIGHT Love Association President Wang led COOLIGHT Love Association Standing Committee representative Liu Engineer, salesman Yu Xin, cameraman Zhou Zhou, on behalf of COOLIGHT Photoelectric Love Association to Longhua Wanqing Nursing Home for love donation and care.

On the same day, he donated various living supplies to Longhua Wanqing Nursing Home: rice, flour and oil.

COOLIGHT’s charitable donation of love fully demonstrates COOLIGHT’s great love of transferring positive energy with practical actions, practicing social responsibility and corporate responsibility, and making the elderly in the nursing home deeply feel the springlike warmth from COOLIGHT.

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COOLIGHT Caring Association’s arrival adds a lively and warm atmosphere to the quiet nursing home. Visit site, due to special period can not communicate with the elderly directly. COOLIGHT representatives had a cordial conversation with leaders of the nursing home.

Observe the old people’s living environment, carefully ask the old people’s life situation, should pay attention to keep warm when the season changes, pay attention to safety when action, safe and healthy every day, pass COOLIGHT “the light of happiness, let life experience beautiful” vision.

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COOLIGHT’s charitable donation deeply reflects Coolight’s social responsibility and responsibility, vividly reflects Coolight’s noble sentiment of not forgetting to repay the society and caring for the vulnerable groups in society, and vigorously carries forward and inherits the traditional Chinese virtue of respecting and caring for the elderly.

A pay, transfer a touched; A love, pass a warm. Every help brings together a great power, and every material is full of love.

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In the future, COOLIGHT will fully support all kinds of charitable public welfare activities to gather the power of “light of happiness” with every drop of love. At the same time, I hope that more people will be influenced by the “light of happiness” and actively participate in the charity.