party birthday

Time flies, the years are silent. Years witness growth, time engraved happiness

The birth of life gives “birthday” a special meaning


No matter how old, long live happiness

A man’s birthday is for himself

Two people’s birthday is warm and sweet

A bunch of birthdays that must mean something.

party birthday 0

party birthday 1

All the COOLIGHT people recorded a birthday greeting video for Long Dong, and the surprise and touching swept over Long Dong’s face.

party birthday 2

The managers of each department will melt their blessings on the paper and send them to each other. Romance, sincerity and warmth permeate the whole COOLIGHT.

party birthday-4

party birthday 4

Dragon Dong and the birthday girl in November embrace, exchange each other’s feelings, the company handsome men and women to the birthday girl to send a birthday song, sincere warm songs to their hearts touched, the face of the heartfelt bloom a bright smile.

The Human Resources Department prepared delicious snacks and refreshments for this occasion, and everyone was laughing and singing in this cheerful atmosphere. The scene was full of laughter, and they felt happy from the heart. They also felt proud of working in COOLIGHT!

Dragon Dong and the birthday girl cut a knife representing happiness, happiness, health, wealth, reunion, at the same time will pass the blessing to every colleague of the company, share this wish.

party birthday 6

party birthday 6

The development of the enterprise depends on the wisdom and strategy of the leader, Longdong is our leader and our friend.

As a leader, she is decisive and keen. She takes the way of different people and actively introduces new working methods such as collective wisdom, co-creation and transforming feelings, so that every colleague of COOLIGHT can harvest different growth.

As a friend, she is kind and generous, and boldly innovates many activities and competitions to enhance self-confidence and enthusiasm: work clothes activities, department activity day runway show at the end of the month, pajamas day, various clubs, and provides a large number of stage display opportunities, so that the inner timid colleagues can gradually change, so as to step by step become confident and enthusiastic, live out their own.

party birthday 7

The development of the enterprise, the growth of the staff. All embody Long Dong’s ideal, passion and sweat. COOLIGHT has been adhering to the passion of “leading, innovation, growth, confidence, sharing and freedom” on the road, constantly innovating and growing, firmly practicing new ways of work, and delivering the vision of “the light of happiness makes life experience better”.

Day and night, rain or shine; Break through all the obstacles and bravely move forward. Thanks to the platform created by Long Dong, COOLIGHT people have a fertile soil for growth.

party birthday 8

Looking back at COOLIGHT’s shining road of yesterday, from a single person to a group of people, and then to today’s continuous development and growth. “Stay true to your original intention” Cherish the present and look forward to the future.

The sea sailing depends on the helmsman, I believe that under the leadership of Long Dong, COOLIGHT will be able to achieve the next 5-10 years of development planning!

To all of you on your November birthday:

Every year run in love, not time, not yourself, not love, not to be loved.

party birthday 9

At the end, I wish life big player dragon Dong a happy birthday again!

18 every year, single technique pull, one billion mansion, hundreds of enterprises, one billion wealth, one billion points of sweet, happy light, to help more people live out their own blooming!