2023 spring festival

With the passing of winter and the coming of spring, the year 2022, which is full of passion and challenges, has come to an end. With the ringing of the New Year’s bell, a new 2023 has also quietly begun. Say goodbye to the old year, welcome the new year, bid farewell to the old year, and cheer for the new year.

2023 spring festival 1

On the afternoon of January 9, 2023, the 2023 Spring Festival Annual Meeting of Shenzhen COOLIGHT Opt-Ele Co.,Ltd was held in the company’s internal star conference room, and COOLIGHT people gathered happily.

In the festive atmosphere, the curtain was opened in the laughter of everyone. At the meeting, we reviewed the harvest and growth in 2022 and imagined the expectations and goals in 2023.

2023 spring festival 2

2023 spring festival 3

At the same time, due to the epidemic and site reasons, some colleagues of COOLIGHT were unable to attend the meeting. We also took the form of online live broadcast to broadcast the whole process

Under the announcement of the host, the 2023 Spring Festival Annual Meeting of Shenzhen COOLIGHT Opt-Ele Co.,Ltd kicked off in a happy and warm atmosphere.2023 spring festival 4

In the past 2022, with the opening of the epidemic, the virus was rampant. The whole company is united, united and united, working hand in hand with love. We who have defeated the virus are like a phoenix in nirvana and are reborn.

In the past 2022, each of us has undergone transformation and gained growth. Through the new way of work: collective wisdom, awareness transformation, and meditation, we become more confident and stronger. At the same time, we have become more firm in our goals.

Mary Long, Chairman of COOLIGHT, delivered a New Year speech with the theme of “gratitude” and “vision”, and expressed heartfelt thanks and sent New Year’s greetings to all colleagues:

thank you for your breakthrough and the senior management team fighting side by side; Be grateful for the changes in the environment and the COOLIGHT people who have traveled all the way; Looking forward to the great development of COOLIGHT in the future and the further growth of COOLIGHT people.

At the same time, we encourage all COOLIGHT people to make further efforts in 2023 and achieve more brilliant results. Together, we will build the company into an impregnable battleship, ride the wind and waves, and be invincible!

2023 spring festival 5

The managers of all departments of COOLIGHT also expressed in their speeches: Be grateful for the challenges in the past, for the difficulties encountered, for the attention of Mary Long, for the hand-in-hand work of partners, and for forging ahead.

We look forward to the future, the company’s progress and our own progress. COOLIGHT,Because of you, the light of love will spread all over the world. Wish everyone a Super Star that can be their own and shine in the crowd!

2023 spring festival 6

Even if the annual meeting was held inside the company, the COOLIGHT people still created a wonderful audio-visual feast. Mary Long’s youthful and energetic songs 《Happp》 and 《Enthusiastic Desert》, the dance club’s enthusiastic and confident 《Good Time》,

the creative and hilarious sketch 《Passing through Ancient and Modern Love》of the innovation research and development department, and the singing club’s affectionate song 《A Letter to Baby》, which is full of flowers, colorful and exciting.

2023 spring festival 7

2023 spring festival 8

The talent strategy has always been the core strategy of COOLIGHT. 2022 is a year when the COVID-19 is rampant and the LED industry is changing. The company’s talent strategy adjustment is crucial. Under the correct guidance of leaders, there is a group of outstanding employees who are committed to their duties. Their spirit of hard work has also created a new situation in which the company is thriving and developing vigorously

At the annual meeting of the New Year, the employees who achieved outstanding results in 2022 were especially commended, and the winners came to the awards stage in succession. Today, they are the most dazzling Super Star of COOLIGHT!

They all come from different positions, and each of them inherits the advantages of the COOLIGHT people. They are tenacious, they serve their duties and work hard. They all release a beautiful aura in their posts and spread a moving fragrance. Go with the company through the storm!

2023 spring festival 9

He is calm, unassuming and unassuming. Every harvest of the company has his hard work and sweat. With his professional and unique perspective and hardworking actions, he has explained to us that the loyalty and responsibility team is full of vitality because of him, and COOLIGHT is brilliant because of him!

2023 spring festival 10

Once, she was also the leader of the sales department. When she led the team, she showed extraordinary courage, and her performance was impressive. Now, she has blossomed in a new field and created another brilliant future. It is she who has enriched the cultural life of the COOLIGHT people. It is her who makes us walk more calmly and firmly on the path of success.

2023 spring festival 11

They are the charge fighters of COOLIGHT and the hub connecting the company and customers. They took the lead and achieved outstanding results. Every order of the company is the result of their wisdom and sweat.

2023 spring festival 12

They play an important role in the company. Self-reliance and perseverance are their qualities. Without the leadership of the head of the department, they completed their work in an orderly, accurate and efficient manner. COOLIGHT is more colorful because of you.

2023 spring festival 13

If COOLIGHT is a train, they are the locomotive of the company. Forethought and shrewdness are their qualities. They should be praised for their ability and integrity. COOLIGHT is more brilliant because of you.

2023 spring festival 11

Success is accompanied by hardship, and harvest is accompanied by sweat. It is precisely because of such a group of lovely people who have performed wonderful stories with selflessness and great love. They are dedicated and persistent, and they work hard and make progress. They are doing extraordinary things in ordinary posts and creating great value.

COOLIGHT has been constantly challenging itself, walking in the forefront of the industry, overcoming difficulties and breaking the waves, not only realizing its self-worth, but also making a significant contribution to the LED industry.

We always adhere to the vision of “The light of love,Let you enjoy beautiful life”; Practice the core values of “trust, growth, responsibility and responsibility, and create sustainable value for customers”; Adhere to the enterprise enthusiasm of “leading, innovation, growth, self-confidence, sharing and freedom”, make continuous progress in the fierce market competition environment and climb the peak bravely.

2023 spring festival 15

2023 spring festival 16

In the new year, we will continue to do a good job in every detail, improve every link and provide you with better products and services with positive and full enthusiasm, firm faith, sincere service and professional answers.

In the new year, let us have a vigorous spirit, a high spirit, a fearless courage, and a pioneering and innovative spirit. Write a more brilliant new chapter for COOLIGHT in the new year!

2023 spring festival 17

With the wonderful progress of all links, this extraordinary 2022 year also came to an end with the end of the lively lottery. The happy time is always so short, and the reunion day is especially unforgettable.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, COOLIGHT wishes you all .Happy New Year, happy family, rolling financial resources, all the best!