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COOLIGHT never stops on the road of market exploration. While other LED companies are still in a wait-and-see state of product video introduction, we have quietly started to make product videos. In January 2022, the New Media Division was officially established in COOLIGHT. Many people are curious about what the “New Media Division” is and what it is doing. Why does COOLIGHT Chairman Dong Long call it a “star division”?

The New Media Business Division aims to attract valuable customers by ensuring the continuous output of high-quality new media videos and copywriting content and the continuous introduction of effective traffic, so as to realize stable realization on various new media platforms, and finally achieve the purpose of expanding the width and depth of customers’ cognition of the company’s products, improving product sales, and deepening understanding of the company’s corporate culture.

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The New Media Division provides great support for the promotion of COOLIGHT’s corporate image and product sales, and becomes a powerful back-up of the sales end. It actively participates in the expansion of COOLIGHT’s exploration and practice in the company’s publicity, product sales and communication channels, and provides a window for the company to attract more high-quality customers.

To provide useful practical experience to promote COOLIGHT to cope with the long-term development of the LED industry market in the 5G era of global interconnection, actively become the platform and representative of COOLIGHT to show the vitality, and provide a firm and stable foundation for COOLIGHT to realize the vision of “the light of happiness, let life experience better”.

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The new media division of COOLIGHT is divided into two groups: product promotion group and corporate culture group.

Clear division of responsibilities within the department, with corresponding enthusiasm and pursuit of quality:

New media Manager Lingyi: Come on, cool cover, support, start, happy

Photographer Zhou Zhou: Flying, surging, brave, self-discipline, healthy

Photographer Chin Chin: Art, creativity, inspiration, fashion, humor

3D designer Hao Ge: confident, vigorous, firm, careful, study

Lu Lu, graphic designer: Happy, freedom, power, wisdom, money

Graphic Designer Feng Feng: Confident, optimistic, brave, passionate, grateful

Estella: Music, exploration, freedom, youth, courage

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In 2022, after nearly one year’s hard work, under the guidance of superiors and with the help of colleagues, the New Media Division has produced 46 corporate culture videos, 52 public account tweets, 63 product promotion videos and countless activity photos.

The public account includes [company products], [company activities], [corporate culture], [holiday wishes] and other categories. Among them, the column of “Corporate activities” and “Corporate culture” mainly outputs the rich creativity and grand vision values of Long Dong, the CEO of COOLIGHT. He tells his expectations and perceptions of the development of the company in concise words, and puts these perceptions into practice in various activities.

[Company products] column mainly outputs COOLIGHT light strip product advantages and application scenarios are introduced in detail. These columns have greatly enriched the content of COOLIGHT wechat official account, and let COOLIGHT colleagues and friends learn from and enjoy reading. The creative videos made by the product publicity team also bring great convenience to the sales department.

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On the day of the department activity, with our Prince of variety manufacturing department handsome boy sang “Victory hands create” and in the host Estella’s introduction under the enthusiasm of the opening.

When the atmosphere was warm, the energetic senior management team sent a passionate song “Passion Desert” and the original sketches by General Manager Pan and General Manager Chen. The scene atmosphere will be more to the climax, the original sketch is made colleagues laugh, more than enough.

The confidence, enthusiasm and creativity of the senior management team gave us another fresh impression of them. Have there ever been a company where executives are so approachable and connected to their employees?

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Among the senior management team, the new media manager Zheng, born in 1997, gets along well with his colleagues in the department and has no AIRS of leadership at all. The star department of COOLIGHT led by her is full of enthusiasm and vitality. The original funny sketch “Black Girl Revenge Episode 1” co-starred by Manager Zheng and his department once again pushed the scene atmosphere to the peak, with continuous laughter. The video of the sketch is as follows:

From the activity day of Innovation Research and Development Department last time, we know that the theme clothing of each month should be the same category, and every colleague should wear it from work to work on that day. The theme of activity day of the department in November is hat.

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Because different experiences bring different feelings to everyone, through all kinds of hats, everyone shows another side of themselves. Some colleagues feel comfortable wearing a hat because of the cold weather; Because good-looking feel wearing a hat is fashion; Because inferiority think wearing a hat is courage.

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COOLIGHT is always on the road of innovation and fun, will carry out the “play culture” to the end, in the play to get happiness, in the play to grow. Because a relaxed and happy mood can create an efficient working environment, so that the company’s colleagues are increasingly looking forward to what the theme of the next month is, everyone in the day to release the heavy work pressure, carefree.

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