In the Art of War, Sun Tzu begins with the importance of the army to a country. For an enterprise, a company, the business team is equivalent to the national army. Its importance is self-evident!
The responsibilities of the COOLIGHT Business Unit include:
1.Define the company’s sales goals and strive to achieve them.
2.Maintain good relations with old customers and strive to expand territory and develop new customers.
3.Conducted market research and market demand forecast according to customers’ sales situation and put forward suggestions on new product development.
4.Convey the company’s passion, vision and values, and become a bridge between the company and customers.


They are the vanguard of the market, the hero of COOLIGHT’s market development, the key to the development of the company, the link between the company and customers, and the image of the company.
The business department plays an important role in the company. They spread to customers all over the world, the vision of “The light of happiness makes life better” and the confidence and enthusiasm energy that helps customers grow together with the company.

Business Department warm introduction:
Pride: Unyielding ambition
Confidence: Great confidence in the future
Self-discipline: Self-discipline in work and life
Self-improvement: Full of energy and constant self-improvement
Freedom: Love freedom and be true to yourself

The business department is composed of a mixture of old and new businesses, some of which are new businesses. After finishing the basic study in university, they have to work in industries and jobs they have never been exposed to. Under the guidance of experienced and experienced seniors, they gradually adapt to the situation and bravely overcome difficulties one by one.

COOLIGHT employees are younger on average and have many creative ideas. In this activity day of their department, they brought their own funny sketch composed of various elements, “A Good Play”.

A GOOD Play” created by the business department contains three classic works, many classic characters in the film and television are also their interpretation of life.

Kung Fu:
Linna plays the tailor  /  Zoya stars as Chan Pao  /  Yvonne plays the coolie  /  Joe,Allen as the blind man  /  Becky plays the charterwoman  /  Elsa as Bucktooth Jean
Elaine as Feng Xiaogang  /  Kenny as the Cloud of Fire  /  Ariel plays the axe gang boss

A Odyssey to the West:

Winne plays Goku
Lemon as the monk Tang
Olivia as Zixia FairyTong Pak Fu: Chou-Heung
Melody as Pomegranate

After “A Good Play”, the business Department presented their funny dance “Social Shake” to everyone, showing enthusiasm and confidence.
The business unit at COOLIGHT breaks down our stereotypical business. Have you ever seen a business unit that is so dynamic?

It is because in COOLIGHT, the business department implements the “leadership, innovation, growth, confidence, sharing, freedom” enthusiasm; It is the belief that “the light of happiness makes life experience beautiful” vision; Believe in the future development of the company, break the inherent traditional work mode, use the new way of work: Transformation, meditation, co-creation, collective wisdom and other ways to get a new action strategy to achieve the desired results, adhere to this path, enhance the inner confidence and enthusiasm, with a new face to the customer, the resonance of their own energy to the customer, this is the way COOLIGHT to go.


The light of love,Let you enjoy beautiful life.