4x8mm cct tunable strip
CCT Tunable strip 
As the name suggests,two color temperatures are used (warm light 2700K/white light 5000K) 
combined artwork Softer light perception than monochromatic light strips 
Uniform light without spot CCT Tunable strip, 2 Cable Tech Simple and easy to use 
140 lights/M, 5CM can be cut The whole light strip is made of high-quality silicone extrusion 
It has the properties of anti-acid and alkali resistance and anti-UV yellowing Softer, 
environmentally friendly and non-toxic than PVC extruded light strips 
Waterproof grade IP66 Can adapt to various scenarios and environments
 4x8mm cct tunable strip 2
Product advantages
Most of the light strips on the market are front-lit.Waterproof light strip with IP66 waterproof rating
Currently the narrowest width is only 8mm Easy to be limited by space when decorating
This is also the current decoration for extremely narrow spaces. 
A Difficulty When Installing the Light Strip
At this time, the role of side lighting is very important. The light-emitting width is only 4mm
Reduce the area of the space occupied by the light strip 
It is easy to handle even in extremely narrow spaces
 4x8mm cct tunable strip 1
Soft light without flicker Can be used for living room,
bedroom,cabinet,RV, outdoor landscaping, etc.

4x8mm cct tunable strip 3