dim to warm

Do you like the sun?

The sun is the biggest luminophor,

Is the most important factor in human life,

It was full of hope and enthusiastic ,

Because of its existence,

human beings know warmth,

But the sun doesn’t always exist in our lives,

dim to warm 1


The effect of brightening the color temperature is achieved by dimming,

and vice versa,

it becomes white.

That is,

light is associated with color temperature.

dim to warm 3

DIM TO WARM adopts high luminous efficiency 2835 (1030 chip lamp beads),

and the highest luminous efficiency is 106LM/W.

in a romantic atmosphere

Don’t worry about the light 24V low voltage makes you safe and worry-free

All PWM dimming drivers and controllers on the market practicality

dim to warm 2

The soft light of DIM TO WARM,

You can master the changes of light at will,

Let you feel different light.

dim to warm 4

Suitable for high-end lighting applications,

Mainly in the quality of lighting and lighting color

dim to warm 5