You know the warm light and the cold light appear at the same time What will happen?
2835 mixed light dual color temperature, let me tell you the answer~
2835 cct Tunable led strip 1
Two-color temperature as the name suggests
It is composed of a color temperature LED lamp bead,
Generally 2700K color temperature,
The other set is 6500K color temperature.
When using, the color temperature can be lighted separately,
It can also light up the mixed light at the same time,
The color temperature of mixed light is around 4000K.
Can meet the needs of different skin tones.
so that you can be in the same space
Feel the atmosphere brought by different color temperatures~

2835 cct Tunable led strip 2

Two-wire dimming
Let you operate conveniently and effortlessly
SDCM: ≤5
Compliant with ERP standards
Waterproof grade: IP20/6​​​6
Specifications can be selected according to your different needs
Number of lights: 140D/M
With 2835 lamp beads, the lamp board does not need a new board
Meet the needs of different lamp counts and board widths
Color rendering index: ≥90Ra
True and natural reproduction of colors under light
protect your eyes from harm
The products have passed CE certification and UL certification,
Quality is over-guaranteed
2835 cct Tunable Led strip 7

2835 cct Tunable Led strip 5