r&d 10

Once upon a time, “Made in China” was well known around the world and made Chinese people proud. However, it is not difficult to find that behind the “Made in China” is the serious homogeneity of products, the frequent “copycat version”, the lack of core technology, and the lack of pricing power.

Therefore, it is the soul of “Made in China” to dominate the world forever that has the pricing power and the right to speak the market. In other words, innovation and R&D are the inexhaustible driving force for the long-term and sustainable development of enterprises.

The core competitiveness of modern enterprises and the independent innovation ability of enterprises, the development of science and technology makes the updating cycle of products shorter and shorter. To have the power of sustainable development, enterprises must constantly carry out the research and development of new products and the innovation activities of technology and management.

r&d 7

COOLIGHT Innovation Research and development department has been in the forefront of the LED industry, the tireless pursuit of innovation and research and development, trying to make COOLIGHT continue to have the core competitiveness of the industry, the continuous launch of new products, open a broader customer market, let COOLIGHT light strip to realize the dream of globalization is constantly advancing.

If the business department is the pioneer to rush to the market, then the innovation and research and development department is the endless bullets on the gun, which brings the strong support to the business department.

r&d 8

In today’s highly competitive world, with the trend of globalization leading to the continuous expansion of competition, our enterprises are in an era that needs to constantly meet the needs of customers. Because the customer needs are more and more detailed.

Innovation Research and Development Department is also to achieve this, constantly integrate self-innovation ability and customer needs, improve customer satisfaction and market demand. COOLIGHT can now remain in the forefront of the industry, the innovation and development department has contributed a lot!

r&d 3

COOLIGHT has always been upholding the enthusiasm of “leading, innovating, growing, confident, sharing and freedom” on the road. In the context of the cruel epidemic, Coolight has continuously innovated and set up many associations to enhance employees’ self-confidence and enthusiasm.

On August 8th, in order to further demonstrate the enthusiasm of COOLIGHT staff, the COOLIGHT Cheerleaders were officially established, and they rehearse a youthful and energetic dance called “Go AMIGO”!

r&d 4


Not to be outdone, our senior management team used collective wisdom to prepare three programs together.

First of all, the manager of the manufacturing department and the manager of the quality testing Department deduce the original crosstalk.

Followed by five beautiful, intelligent female executives singing “Courage.”

And finally, the R&D manager and the creative director sing “Good Day.”

Love Through the Ages is about:

Modern Xiao Shuai because his mother urged marriage, met a colleague Xiao Luo, heard that he found a girlfriend in the marriage agency. So also went to the marriage agency, who met a cheater, money was cheated out. When he was sad, he met the Genie of the lamp and became a poor pancake seller back in ancient times.

After trying to save money, she asked a matchmaker to introduce her to her. But she went to the market to meet a dishonest merchant without an agreement on the price. She was originally a servant girl from the palace. Small handsome was scared to wake up, the original is a dream, was mother continue to urge marriage.

r&d 1

The Innovation Research and Development Department is not only good at technology, but also unique in its ideas. The original sketch made the audience laugh and praise the talent. The interpretation of cross-dressing between men and women reflects the confidence of the department, and also conveys COOLIGHT’s vision of “The light of happiness makes life experience beautiful”.

This costume day is different from the previous one, requiring the theme to be pajamas. The reason we didn’t have a theme was to allow people to be creative and bold and show their individuality. Costume Day has been held four times since May to see different sides of everyone. In order to reflect the creativity of COOLIGHT and the concerted effort of the team, different themes or elements will be set for each department’s red carpet shows in the following clothing days.

r&d 6

Have you ever seen anyone wear pajamas to work? COOLIGHT is so confident and enthusiastic! Everyone took off the shackles of work clothes and put on their own comfortable home clothes. Everyone’s face was full of smiles and felt a different working experience, just like working at home.

We asked a dozen random colleagues to find out what they had to say about Pajama Day at work.