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COOLIGHT-Basketball Association ‖ Coulet and Ruifeng basketball friendly match.

With the continuous development of social economy and the gradual improvement of the modern company system, the company management tends to be more humanized and scientific, pay attention to the development of employees’ production potential and production value, improve employees’ sense of identity and work enthusiasm and initiative of corporate culture, so COOLIGHT founded the basketball association.

In the process of the development of the company, employees participate in basketball activities can better promote the construction of enterprise culture, rich amateur cultural life of the employees, the enhancement enterprise’s cohesive force, let employees can more actively involved in the process of the construction and development of the enterprise, for enterprise’s development and construction to provide a steady stream of power.

basktball    In addition, basketball is a good sport to promote friendship. Basketball is used to promote communication and games to pass on friendship.To further strengthen the relationship between COOLIGHT and its partners, on the afternoon of October 28, RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT Photoelectric organized a friendly basketball match at the Growth Basketball Gymnasium.

Our athletes showed confidence, strength, hard work and persistence on the field, which provided us with a visual feast and made us spend an unparalleled night.

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In the match, the players of both companies showed their skills, carried forward the sports style of “friendship first, competition second” and the team spirit of fighting hard. They were competitors on the field, but encouraged each other off the field, and actively showed a high-level match.

The process of the game was exciting and intense, with a tacit understanding of passing, a wonderful shot, steal card, strict defense, gorgeous turn or fast break layup sometimes staged, winning warm applause and cheers from the audience.

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COOLIGHT attaches special importance to this friendly competition with RUIFENG photoelectric, for this special preparation of wonderful cheerleading performance and song and dance. Wonderful competition accompanied by wonderful singing and dancing, the scene atmosphere is very warm.

The COOLIGHT Cheerleading Association brought the dance “Go AMIGO” with confidence and energy that lit up the field. The graceful dancing of the dance association “Beautiful China” and “Love You” made people linger and applause thunderously.

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COOLIGHT Photoelectric and RUIFENG photoelectric are strategic partners, friends and Allies. With our respective visions and passions, we grow together, lead the continuous development of the industry together, and contribute our own strength to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The song “Friend” brought by colleagues in the purchasing department shows the emotion of RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric, strategic cooperation, leading the industry; The SONG “LONE BRAVE” BROUGHT BY THE HANDSOME boy OF the singing association encouraged everyone standing at the scene to constantly break through themselves and show themselves.

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Singing association beauty brought the song “The most beautiful expectations”, let this beautiful music bring us strength and blessing, wish we are each other the most beautiful expectations, also wish RUIFENG photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric become each other the most beautiful expectations. Superb singing skills, let us see the charm of the song, looking forward to each other to achieve a strong joint, create a win-win situation.

With the score gradually increased, everyone’s mood ups and downs, the final COOLIGHT basketball team to narrowly lost the score to RUIFENG basketball team. But winning or losing is not the key, the important thing is that both sides strengthened each other’s links in the game, through the game to show themselves, for the game to shed their own sweat

I also wish RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric all the way together, to go to the future we want. Create a better future together. RUIFENG Photoelectric and COOLIGHT photoelectric as the high-end lamp bead industry and high-end lamp strip industry leaders, looking forward to more cooperation with us, to achieve a strong alliance, to create a win-win situation.

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The high efficiency and fast pace of modern society limit people’s mutual communication and understanding, but the basketball court provides people with opportunities. Basketball can effectively relieve work pressure, and a good competitive environment can cultivate healthy psychological adaptability and endurance, adjust and maintain the mental health level of participants. At the same time, basketball, as an outstanding representative of collective sports, can effectively cultivate good sports ethics such as collectivism spirit of solidarity and cooperation while increasing exchanges and friendship, and help participants correctly understand and handle the relationship between individual and collective, competition and cooperation.

Basketball is not only a sport, it is a kind of self-transcendence, but also a kind of spiritual baptism, are you ready? Be who you want to be, just to convey COOLIGHT’s passion and confidence.