CLT-xxMF24280T00-0a29-1 0A29 1

Both LED neon flex and Xribbon X1 diffuse LED flex strip ribbon output homogeneous light, but Xribbon X1 output much more stronger light.

The normal LED neon flex light effiency is only 30lm/W to 50lm/W, Coolight Xribbon X1 LED flex Strip have high light effiency more than 90lm/W @ CRI>90 4000K.

And the LED neon flex use the hollow design with the risk of water instant coming in if the end cap not well done. Xribbon X1 don’t have these problem.

Xribbon X1 IP67 waterproof diffuse LED strip apply solid design and high performance silicone with the latest Bicolor silicone co-extrusion technology, get rid of the problem of water instant coming.

And the final Xribbon X1 diffused LED strip have very good light color consistency <3 SDCM when CRI>90 at 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K based on Coolight’s long term research work.

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