The CCT range and tolerance of 3-step MacAdam flexible LED strips.

Some customers heard the 3-step MacAdam ellipse or 3 SDCM products, they know that the 1~3 SDCM LED strips have strict color consistency and better than 5 step, 7 step MacAdam products, but some of them don’t know exactly the CCT ranges and tolerance of 3 step MacAdam flexible LED strip products.

So we made a chart here to show you the 3-step MacAdam products CCT range and tolerance under different color temperatures 2700, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6500 based on IEC 60081:1997 Annex D.

Based on the latest LED encapsulation technology and our own patent LED binning system, now we have the ability to bulk produce the 3-step MacAdam 3528 flexible LED strips with the competitive price and fast delivery time.

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Writer: David Zhu of Coolight LED Lighting