One bin shipment CRI>90 3528 flexible LED strips with 3-step MacAdam ellipse binning are released by Coolight LED lighting.

3528 type LED components are the most popular LED components applied for flexible LED strips, and got many many likes during the last more than 15 years. The 3528 LED components have strong structure and more reliable quality and competitive price, 3528 flexible LED strips was the best selling LED strips for many years.

In order to meet the market requirement of CRI>90, in 2014 Coolight released the excellent CRI>90 2216 type flexible LED strips and got big success。However, there are still many customers that they want to keep the 3528 types and high CRI like CRI>90, and of course, they want a better color consistency products with only one bin shipment.

Coolight took a lot of time to develop 3528 LED components with our partner, and finnaly we got a perfect solution of providing one bin shipment CRI>90 3528 flexible LED strips with strict color consitency 3-step MacAdam ellipse binning.

And the most advantage of us is that we can do it, we did it with even much more competitive price!

Pls check the Chromaticity Diagram as following:

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Writer: David Zhu of Coolight LED Lighting