NTO LED mini panel module

(From Q2 2016, Coolight will update the NTO mini LED panel from CRI>80 to high color rending CRI>90 version.

The info of new CRI>90 version products are updating. For more details, pls contact us sales@coolightled.com during this period.)

NTO mini panel light module you love and your customer loves.

NTO light module family

We designed 5 sizes NTO mini panel light module products including Square shape, Rectangle shape, Triangle shape and Quarter Annulus (Ring) shape. We have a sub site special for NTO LED mini panel light module products, www.notoled.com

1. Only 5mm thickness slim design,  easy integrate into your customer’s cabinet;

2. High CRI and no glare flat lighting, Maximize the realization of better lighting environmental atmosphere;

3. Easy installing, fast connection, really the way of PNP( plug and play);

4. Looks like OLED lighting module, much cheaper, more reliable than OLED. Several utility model patents pending.


NTO LED mini panel light modules are idea choice for Furniture, Kitchen & Cabinet lighting, Interior area lighting, DIY creative lighting, Flat modular lighting, Vechicle & Carranvan lighting etc.

NTO LED light module application

For Furniture, Under Cabinet, Kitchen, Cupboard, Wardrobe, Closet and Shelf lighting application, pls check http://www.notoled.com/cabinet-lighting-application/


For Internal Area, Interior, Space, Staircase, Step and Ambient lighting application, pls check http://www.notoled.com/interior-lighting-application/


For DIY Do It Yourself, MIY Make It Yourself, Creative lighting application, pls check http://www.notoled.com/nto-led-light-module-application-for-diy-do-it-yourself-miy-make-it-yourself-creative-lighting/


For 3D Matrix, Modular lighting application, pls check http://www.notoled.com/nto-led-light-module-application-for-3d-matrix-modular-lighting/


For Flat, Planar, Modular, Creative Lighting Design application, pls check http://www.notoled.com/creative-lighting-application/


For Vehicle, Bus, Caravan, RV, Trailer, Camper, Camping Van and Truck lighting application, pls check http://www.notoled.com/nto-led-light-module-application-for-vehicle-bus-caravan-rv-trailer-camper-camping-van-and-truck-lighting/


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