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Coolight LED lighting started the business with flexible LED strip products since 2006,  and now we have nearly 10 years experience on flexible LED strip ribbons. We have a sub-site special for flexible LED strip product, www.ledatob.com

At present, we have 2216 flexible LED strips, 3528 flexible strip ribbon, 5050 flexible LED strip, 3014 flexible strips and 2835 flexible LED strips products,  working voltage 12V/24V DC input,  applied for many application like Hotels, Shops, Museums, Kitchen and Cabinet lightings.

In 2015, we updated the 2216 flexible LED strips to high CRI 90-95. And from July 2016, Coolight  released higher CRI 95-97 R9>90 2216 flexible LED strip products. Check more details on our LED strip light website: http://www.ledatob.com/2216-flexible-led-strip/

CRI90-95 2216 flexible led strip

At present, the market competition of flexible LED strips is fierce, most of your competitors are selling products with similar or worse quality at cheaper price , so it’s very hard for you to increase sales. Why not try Coolight 2216 LED strip lights? 2216 flexible LED strips have many features such as design of heat dissipation pad, high color rending index CRI 90-95 & CRI 95-97. 

With mass production in factory, our products are diversified and the prices are very competitive, such as 60LED/meter, 120LED/meter, 240LED/meter, 300LED/meter, etc. 12VDC and 24VDC are optional. Besides, 240LED/meter with double-line, 120LED/meter with tunable color temperature, 240LED/meter with tunable color temperature products are also available to meet with your special requirements.

7 reasons to choose high CRI 90-95 & CRI 95-97 2216 flexible LED strip light

7 reasons to choose high CRI 2216 LED light stripsDownload as pdf file: http://www.ledatob.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/7-reasons-to-choose-high-CRI-2216-LED-light-strips.pdf 

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