LED Panel Light based on LGP design

Coolight researched and produced LED panel light products from 2009, now we have 7 years experience in LGP designing and flat LED panel lights manufacturing. we put a lot of investment to the LGP(Light Guide Plate) technology R&D to keep development on the uniformity, light efficiency and cost down. During these years we got a lot valuable experience.

NTO mini LED light panel

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People like OLED lighting very much because OLED light panel is a very thin flat lighting, low glare, low power consumption. Many big companies put a lot of investment on OLED lighting researching, and take OLED lighting as the next generation lighting. But at present the OLED lighting also have big problem on the very high price, poorly color consistency and the different current OLED driving drivers.

Coolight apply the high CRI 90-95 LED and Laser engraving LGP(Light Guide Plate) BLU design to get the advantage of OLED light panel and much much lower the system cost, this BLU design is also used for the latest BLU(Back Light Unit) of LCD display and LED TV.

The laser engraving LGP has the engraved 3D concave dots on the PMMA plate surface, these 3D concave dots form multi-dimensional light refraction effects and changes the direction of the light in LGP to convert the side light to the whole panel and emits uniform light.


Thinner than thinner, this is not OLED!

Based on 7 years experience in laser engraving LGP(light guide plate) design and manufacturing, in 2014 Coolight released 5.0mm thickness NTO mini LED panel series and got a lot of attention.

In the coming Hongkong International Lighting Fair (27th-30th, October, 2016), Coolight will release new series 4.5mm thickness mini LED light panels. Thinner than thinner, this is not OLED light panel.


LGP light guide plate OEM & ODM

Based on our 7 years experience in LGP light guide plate design and manufacturing, we also provide OEM & ODM service to our customers.

If you have request of LGP light guide plate for cosmetic display lighting application, emergency lighting application, customized flat panel lighting application, with PMMA plate thickness from 1.5mm to 6.0mm, high uniformity and high light output efficiency, welcome to contact us sales@coolightled.com