Coolight released RGB+W+WW 5in1 flexible LED strips, the best solution of color mixing.

peoples mixed RGB Red,Green,Blue color with different color temperature white colors to get millions of mixing light performance.

At present, on the market you can see the following solutions,but each of them have their advantage and also their own problems.

Now Coolight released the innovative RGB+W+WW (Red+Green+Blue+White+Warm-white) 5in1 flexible LED strips solution, this new designed LED components make the flexible LED strips have the great advantage of good color mixing performance and very strong flexibility.


Because we set the white color range is 2400K(warmwhite) to 6500K(white),you can be easy to get the mixed color between 2400K~6500K.You don’t need to buy the old 4in1 version RGBW LED strips with different CCT, this will help you to simplify your order items, minimum your stock quantity.

With this RGB+W+WW 5in1 LED components, coolight can make many types of flexible LED strips and customized as working voltage: 12V or 24V, LED quantity 12LED/meter, 18LED/meter, 30LED/meter, 36LED/meter, 48LED/meter, 60LED/meter, 72LED/meter etc.


Welcome contacting us to customize your products.


Like our standard 24V 60LED/meter RGB+W+WW 5in1 flexible LED strips, pls check the product video as following