Coolight attended Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn 2016

Coolight LED lighting attended Honkong international lighting fair(Autumn Edition), 27-30th, October 2016,  booth number 5B-D08

Coolight in Hongkong light fair -2
We showed the new products as following:

  1. Thinner than thinner, this is not OLED light panel.

Coolight will show the NEW 4.5mm thickness CRI 90-95 NTO mini LED light panel.

Spectrum comparison CRI 90-95 NTO LED light panel VS. OLED light panel



2. NEW high CRI flexible LED strip and NEW non-color-shift waterproof method product.

NEW high CRI 95-97 R9>90 2216, 3528, 2835 flexible LED strip, CRI>80 3014 side view flexible LED strip and NEW non-color-shift waterproof method products are released.

2216 high CRI flexible LED strip


Coolight LED lighting
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Coolight Flexible LED strip website: http://www.ledatob.com/