• Coolight released the innovative RGB+W+WW (Red+Green+Blue+White+Warm-white) 5in1 flexible LED strips solution, this new designed LED components make the flexible LED strips have the great advantage of good color mixing performance and very strong flexibility.

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  • Coolight took a lot of time to develop 3528 LED components with our partner, and finnaly we got a perfect solution of providing one bin shipment CRI>90 3528 flexible LED strips with strict color consitency 3-step MacAdam ellipse binning.

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  • Coolight took our best selling high CRI>90 2216 flexible LED strips and the latest 3-step MacAdam 3528, 2835, 5050 flexible LED strip products to Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 6-9th, April, 2017, and got many likes during the fair.

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  • some customers don’t know exactly the CCT ranges and tolerance of 3 step MacAdam flexible LED strip products, Coolight tell you that what is the CCT range and tolerance of our 3-step MacAdam flexible LED strips.

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  • From January 2017, Coolight started to bulk produce 3-step MacAdam flexible LED strip products. 1. Every LED components in 3-step MacAdam ellipse. 2. According to IEC60081:1997 Annex D.

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  • Coolight LED lighting attended Honkong international lighting fair(Autumn Edition), 27-30th, October 2016,  booth number 5B-D08. on the fair, we showed the latest high CRI 2216 flexible LED strips and NTO mini LED panels.

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  • Early this year 2016, we noticed that Osram and Nichia just released their new SMD LED components similar with 2216 LED components. After Coolight supplying the high CRI 90-95 2216 flexible LED strips since 2015, we always paid attention to the process of other 2216 LED suppliers.

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  • Coolight have Flexible LED strip series and Rigid LED strip light bar products, and different types LED components, every LED component type have different color temperature, CRI, and how to choose the right LED strips with corresponding power consumption, light output lumen or LED quantity?

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  • Coolight noticed that there are some customers cannot know CRI color rending index very well, we write this article to help them a easy understanding. We take our CRI90-95 2216 flexible LED strip products as examples.

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  • The market competition of flexible LED strips is fierce, so many competitors there, too mess product quality, very hard for you to increase sales.  Why not choose 2216 CRI 90 LED strip lights?  Beat your competitors now! 

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Why you need to choose 2216 flexible led strips instead of the normal 3528 products?

2216 flexible LED strips have many features such as design of heat dissipation pad, high color rending index CRI 90-95.  With mass production in factory, our 2216 products are diversified and the prices are very competitive.

Read the article: Why choose 2216 CRI 90-95 flexible LED strips instead of 3528 products?

German version: Warum die 2216 CRI 90-95 flexible LED Streifen anstatt der normalen 3528 wählen?

French version: Pourquoi choisir bandes flexibles LED 2216 CRI 90-95 au lieu de la normale 3528?

Spanish version: ¿Por qué selecciona las tiras flexibles de LED 2216 con CRI 90-95?

Portuguese version: Por que escolher tiras de LED flexíveis 2216 CRI 90-95 em vez das tiras normais de LED 3528?

Italian version: Perché scegliere le strisce LED flessibili 2216 IRC 90-95 invece delle normali 3528?

Dutch version: Waarom kiezen voor 2216 CRI 90-95 flexibele LED-strips in plaats van de normale 3528?

Danish version: Hvorfor vælge 2216 CRI 90-95 fleksible LED-bånd?

Swedish version: Varför välja 2216 CRI 90-95 flexibla LED-slingor istället för normal 3528?

Finnish version: Miksi valitsisin joustavan 2216 CRI 90–95 LED-valonauhan tavanomaisen 3528 LED-nauhan sijaan?

Greek version: ευέλικτες ταινίες LED 2216 με δείκτη χρωματικής απόδοσης 90-95


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